Dell Command | Update Version 2.0 User's Guide

Creating A Policy File

Perform the following steps to create a policy file:
  1. Configure Dell Command | Update settings such as schedule, proxy, and filters on a sample system and then export the settings by using Export Settings. For more information on exporting settings, see Import/Export Settings . You can later import these settings as a policy.xml file on a client system you want to configure.
  2. Rename the exported setting file to policy.xml.
  3. Open the policy.xml file and review it to ensure that only the attributes you want to lock are included in it. You may find it necessary to remove some settings from the exported policy.xml file if more settings are being locked than required. Ensure that the file is placed in the installation directory for Dell Command | Update to use it.
  4. Place the policy.xml file in the Dell Command | Update installation directory and launch the application.
    • NOTE: Save the policy.xml file in a different location before you use it as, Dell Command | Update loads the policy data and deletes the policy file. You can use the saved policy file for modifying the policy settings.
    • NOTE: It is mandatory to name the file as policy.xml and place it in the installation directory for Dell Command | Update to recognize it as a policy file to be imported.

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