Dell Command | Update Version 2.0 User's Guide

Selecting Updates

On the Welcome screen, when you click Check, the checking for updates task is run and if updates are available for the system, then the Selected Updates screen is displayed. The update summary is displayed next to the heading in the format — update type <x of y, z MB size of the update> , where ‘x’ is the number of updates downloaded, ‘y’ is the number of updates available, and ‘z’ is the size of the available updates, in MB. Based on importance, the updates are classified as follows:
  • Critical Updates — These updates are important for improving the reliability and availability of the system.

  • Recommended Updates — These updates are recommended for installation on the system.

  • Optional Updates — These updates are optional updates.

  • NOTE: An alert message is displayed if an update that you must install requires an interim version of the update. If there are multiple intra-component dependencies for an update, Dell Command | Update installs the newest possible version. However, this may not be the latest version. This task requires more than one update cycle for installing the latest version of the update. For more information, see Dependency Installation.
  • NOTE: You may need to plug in the power adapter to the system to select some updates.

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