Dell Command | Update Version 2.0 User's Guide

Settings And Applicable Values

Setting Applicable Value
AutomationMode ScanNotify or ScanDownloadNotify or ScanDownloadApplyNotify or ScanDownloadApplyReboot
AutoReboot True or False
AutoRebootSystemWait 15 or 30 or 60
Catalog <path to catalog file>
DownloadPath <path to download directory>
DriverCabPath <path to driver cab>
FilterApplicable ShowAllForPlatform or ShowOnlyForSystemConfig
FilterCriticality_Optional True or False
FilterCriticality_Recommended True or False
FilterCriticality_Urgent True or False
FilterDeviceCategory_Audio True or False
FilterDeviceCategory_Chipset True or False
FilterDeviceCategory_Input True or False
FilterDeviceCategory_Network True or False
FilterDeviceCategory_Other True or False
FilterDeviceCategory_Storage True or False
FilterDeviceCategory_Video True or False
FilterUpdateType_Application True or False
FilterUpdateType_Bios True or False
FilterUpdateType_Driver True or False
FilterUpdateType_Firmware True or False
FilterUpdateType_Other True or False
FilterUpdateType_Patch True or False
FilterUpdateType_Utility True or False
HiddenUpdatesList comma seperated list of updates ReleaseID's
IsAdvancedDriverRestoreEnabled True or False
ProxyAuthenticationEnabled True or False
ProxyEnabled True or False
ProxyPassword Encrypted password created from user entry in the UI
ProxyPort User specified proxy port value
ProxyServer User specified proxy server value
ProxyUserName User specified proxy user name
ScheduledDays 1 to 7
ScheduledExecution Off or On
ScheduledFrequency Weekly or Monthly
ScheduledHour 1 to 24
ScheduledMinute 1 to 60
ScheduledRebootWait 5 or 15 or 60

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