Dell Latitude 3500 Service Manual

Battery status LED

Table 1. Battery status LEDBattery status LED
Power Source LED behavior System Power State Battery Charge Level
AC Adapter Solid White S0 0-100%
AC Adapter Solid White S4/S5 < Fully Charged
AC AdapterOff S4/S5 Fully Charged
BatteryAmber S0 < = 10%
BatteryOff S0 > 10%
BatteryOff S4/S5 0-100%
  • S0 (ON) — System is turned on.
  • S4— The system consumes the least power compared to all other sleep states. The system is almost at an OFF state, expect for a trickle power. The context data is written to hard drive.
  • S5 (OFF) — The system is in a shutdown state.

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