Dell Latitude 3500 Service Manual

Disabling Intel Optane memory

About this task

CAUTION: After disabling Intel Optane memory, do not uninstall the driver for Intel Rapid Storage Technology as it will result in a blue screen error. The Intel Rapid Storage Technology user interface can be removed without uninstalling the driver.

NOTE: Disabling Intel Optane memory is required before removing the SATA storage device, accelerated by the Intel Optane memory module, from the computer.


  1. On the taskbar, click the search box, and then type "Intel Rapid Storage Technology".
  2. Click Intel Rapid Storage Technology. The Intel Rapid Storage Technology window is displayed.
  3. On the Intel Optane memory tab, click Disable to disable the Intel Optane memory.
  4. Click Yes if you accept the warning.
    The disabling progress is displayed.
  5. Click Reboot to complete disabling Intel Optane memory and restart your computer.

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