Dell Latitude 3500 Servicehåndbok


M-BIST er et diagnostikkverktøy for innebygd selvtest av hovedkortet som forbedrer nøyaktigheten av diagnostikk når det gjelder feil i den innebygde kontrolleren til hovedkortet (EC). M-BIST kan startes manuelt før POST.

MERK: M-BIST kan startes manuelt før POST (selvtest med strøm på).

How to run M-BIST?

M-BIST must be initiated on the system from a power-off state that is either connected to AC power or with battery only.

  1. Press and hold both the M key on the keyboard and the power button to initiate M-BIST.
  2. With both the M key and thepower button that is held down, the battery indicator LED may exhibit two states.
    1. OFF: No fault detected with the system board.
    2. SOLID AMBER: Indicates a problem with the system board.

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