Dell Latitude 3500 Service Manual

Removing the display panel


  1. Follow the procedure in before working inside your computer
  2. Remove the SD memory card
  3. Remove the base cover
  4. Remove the battery
  5. Remove the WLAN
  6. Remove the display assembly
  7. Remove the display bezel


  1. Remove the four (M2x2.5) screws that secure the display panel to the display back-cover [1].
  2. Lift the display panel and turn it over [2].
    Removing the display panel
  3. Peel the tape that secures the display cable to the back of the display panel [1].
  4. Lift the latch and disconnect the display cable from the display-panel cable connector [2].
  5. Lift the display panel away from the display back-cover [3].
    Removing the display panel

    NOTE: Do not pull and release the Stretch (SR) Tapes from the display panel. There is no need to separate the brackets from the display panel.

  6. After performing all the preceding steps, you are left with the display panel.
    Removing the display panel

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