Dell Latitude 3500 Service Manual

Removing the palmrest and keyboard assembly


  1. Follow the procedure in before working inside your computer
  2. Remove the SD memory card
  3. Remove the base cover
  4. Remove the battery
  5. Remove the WLAN
  6. Remove the Memory
  7. Remove the SSD
  8. Remove the hard drive assembly
  9. Remove the IO board
  10. Remove the touch pad assembly
  11. Remove the VGA daughter board
  12. Remove the power button board
  13. Remove the speakers
  14. Remove the system fan
  15. Remove the heatsink
  16. Remove the system board
  17. Remove the display assembly

About this task

After performing the preceding steps, you are left with the palmrest and keyboard assembly.

palmrest and keyboard assembly

NOTE: The power button board is not included with the service replacement palmrest assembly. Ensure the power button board is replaced onto the service replacement palmrest assembly.

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