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XPS 8920 Service Manual

System-board components

Image: System board components
  1. system board power connector (ATX_POWER)
  2. Front USB 2 (F_SSUSB2)
  3. Front USB 1 (F_SSUSB1)
  4. SATA 6 Gbps for hard drive (SATA1)
  5. SATA 6 Gbps for optical drive (SATA2)
  6. SATA 6 Gbps drive connector (SATA3)
  7. SATA 6 Gbps drive connector (SATA4)
  8. solid-state drive slot (M.2 SSD)
  9. front I/O panel (F_PANEL)
  10. media card reader connector (CARD_READER)
  11. CMOS-reset jumper (CMOS JUMPER)
  12. password-reset jumper (PASSWORD JUMPER)
  13. PCI-Express x16 card slot (SLOT1)
  14. PCI-Express x1 card slots (SLOT 2 and SLOT 3)
  15. PCI-Express x4 card slot (SLOT 4)
  16. front audio connector (F_audio)
  17. wireless-card slot (M.2_SLOT1)
  18. CPU power cable (ATX_CPU)
  19. chassis-fan connector (TOP_FAN)
  20. processor socket
  21. processor release latch
  22. processor-fan connector (CPU_FAN)
  23. coin-cell battery (CMOS BATTERY)
  24. memory-module slot (DIMM3)
  25. memory-module slot (DIMM1)
  26. memory-module slot (DIMM4)
  27. memory-module slot (DIMM2)

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