Alienware 15 R3 Service Manual

Screw list

Table 1. Screw list
ComponentSecured toScrew typeQuantityScrew image
Base coverPalm-rest assemblyM2.5x136Image: M2.5x13 screw
BatteryPalm-rest assemblyM2.5x51Image: M2.5x5 screw
Solid-state driveComputer baseM2x31Image: M2x3 screw
Hard-drive assemblyComputer baseM2.5x8 3Image: M2.5x8 screw
Hard-drive bracketHard-drive assemblyM3x34Image: M3x3 screw
Heat-sink assemblySystem boardM2x3 7Image: M2x3 screw
Rear-I/O coverPalm-rest assemblyM2.5x72Image: M2.5x7 screw
Computer basePalm-rest assemblyM2.5x811Image: M2.5x8 screw
Computer basePalm-rest assemblyM2x32Image: M2x3 screw
Display hinges Display back-coverM2.5x3 14Image: M2.5x3 screw
I/O boardPalm-rest assemblyM2.5x52Image: M2.5x5 screw
Touch-pad bracketPalm-rest assemblyM2x35Image: M2x3 screw
Display assemblyPalm-rest assemblyM2.5x56Image: M2.5x5 screw
Display panelDisplay back-coverM2x34Image: M2x3 screw
Power-adapter port bracketPalm-rest assemblyM2x3 1Image: M2x3 screw
Power-button boardPalm-rest assemblyM2x32Image: M2x3 screw
System-board assemblyPalm-rest assemblyM2.5x5 7Image: M2.5x5 screw
Keyboard bracketPalm-rest assemblyM2x3 15Image: M2x3 screw
Wireless-card bracketComputer baseM2x31Image: M2x3 screw

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