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Dell APEX Cloud Platform MC-760 Hardware Requirements and Specifications

Access miscellaneous settings

In the BIOS, access Miscellaneous Settings to view details.


  1. To view the Miscellaneous Settings screen, power on the system and press F2.
  2. Click System Setup Main Menu, System BIOS, and then Miscellaneous Settings.
    The following table provides the details of the options available on the Miscellaneous Settings screen.
    Table 1. Miscellaneous Settings detailsThis table provides information about the Miscellaneous Settings details.
    Option Description
    System Time Enables you to set the time on the system.
    System Date Enables you to set the date on the system.
    Time Zone Enables you to select required Time Zone.
    Daylight Savings Time Enables or disables Daylight Savings Time. This option is set to Disabled by default.
    Asset Tag Specifies the asset tag and enables you to modify it for security and tracking purposes.
    Keyboard NumLock Enables you to set whether the system boots with the NumLock enabled or disabled. This option is set to On by default.

    This option does not apply to 84-key keyboards.

    F1/F2 Prompt on Error Enables or disables the F1/F2 prompt on error. This option is set to Enabled by default. The F1/F2 prompt also includes keyboard errors.
    Load Legacy Video Option ROM This option determines whether the system BIOS loads the legacy video (INT 10h) option ROM from the video controller. This option is set to Disabled by default.

    This option cannot be set to Enabled, when the Boot mode is UEFI and Secure Boot is enabled.

    Dell Wyse P25/P45 BIOS Access Enables or disables the Dell Wyse P25/P45 BIOS Access. This option is set to Enabled by default.
    Power Cycle Request Enables or disables the Power Cycle Request. This option is set to None by default.

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