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Dell APEX Cloud Platform MC-760 Hardware Requirements and Specifications

BIOS and iDRAC settings

This section provides information about the default settings for the MC-760 nodes based on the Dell APEX Cloud Platform offerings appliance software:

The following table lists the default BIOS and iDRAC settings for the MC-760.

Table 1. Default BIOS and iDRAC settingsThis table lists the default BIOS and iDRAC settings for the MC-760.
Setting PowerEdge default APEX Cloud Platform for Microsoft Azure APEX Cloud Platform for Red Hat OpenShift
Processor settings 1
Virtualization Technology Enabled Enabled Enabled
x2APIC Mode Enabled Enabled Enabled
SR-IOV Global Enable Disabled Enabled Enabled
Kernel DMA Protection Disabled Enabled Disabled
System profile settings2
System Profile Performance Per Watt (DPA) Performance Custom
CPU Power Management System DBPM (DACP) Same as PowerEdge default settings Max Performance
C1E Enabled Disabled
C States Enabled Disabled
Uncore Frequency Dynamic Maximum
Energy-Efficient Policy Balanced Performance Performance
CPU Interconnect Bus Link Power Management Enabled Disabled
PCI ASPM L1Link Power Management Enabled Disabled
System security settings3
TPM Security Off On On
TPM PPI Bypass Provision Disabled Enabled Disabled
TPM PPI Bypass Clear Disabled Enabled Disabled
TPM2 Algorithm Selection SHA1/SHA245 SHA256 SHA256
Intel TXT Off On On
AC Power Recovery Last On Last
AC Power Recovery Delay Immediate Random Immediate
SMM Security Mitigation Disabled Enabled Disabled
Secure Boot Disabled Enabled Disabled
Enable Serial Over LAN Enabled Disabled Disabled
Redundancy Policy Not Redundant A/B Grid Redundant A/B Grid Redundant
Enable Hot Spare Enabled Disabled Disabled
Pass-through Configuration Disabled USB NIC USB NIC
USB NIC IP Address
TLS Protocol TLS 1.1 and higher TLS 1.2 and higher TLS 1.2 and higher
SSH Enabled Disabled Disabled
SNMP Protocol All SNMPv3 SNMPv3
FIPS Disabled Disabled Enabled (compute node only)

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