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Dell APEX Cloud Platform MC-760 Hardware Requirements and Specifications

Configuration validation

When the system is powered on, information about the following is obtained from the CPLD, and backplane memory maps and analyzed:

  • Installed cables
  • Risers
  • Backplanes
  • Power supplies
  • Floating card (fPERC, adapter PERC , BOSS)
  • Processor

This information forms a unique configuration. iDRAC maintains qualified configurations that are stored in a table. iDRAC compares the new configuration to the configurations in the table.

One or more sensors are assigned to each of the configuration elements. During POST, any configuration validation error is logged in the System Event Log (SEL) or LifeCycle (LC) log. The reported events are categorized in the configuration validation error table.

Table 1. Configuration validation errorThis table provides information about the Configuration validation errors.
Error Description Possible causes and recommendations Example
Config Error A configuration element within the closest match contains something that is unexpected and does not match any Dell Technologies qualified configuration. Wrong configuration Config Error: Backplane cable CTRS_SRC_SA1 and BP-DST_SA1
The elements that are reported in HWC8010 errors indicate that an element is incorrectly assembled. Check the placement of the element, such as the cable or riser, in the system. Config Error: SL Cable PLANAR_SL7 and CTRL_DST_PA1
Config Missing iDRAC found a configuration element missing within the closest match detected. Missing or damaged cable, device, or part Config Missing: Float card front PERC/HBA adapter PERC/HBA
Missing element or cable is reported in HWC8010 error logs. Install the missing element, such as the cable or riser. Config Missing: SL cable PLANAR_SL8 and CTRL_DST_PA1
Comm Error A configuration element is not responding to iDRAC using the management interface while running an inventory check. System management sideband communication Comm Error: Backplane 2
Unplug AC Power, reseat the element, and replace the element if the problem persists.

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