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Dell EMC Avamar 19.7 Release Notes

Data Domain system integration known issues

The following table lists the Data Domain system integration known issues in this release:

Table 1. Data Domain system integration known issues
Issue ID Subject/Functional area Description Workaround/Resolution
51085 New Bytes % displays 0% until backup is complete. When performing file system backups to a Data Domain system, the New Bytes % field displays 0% until the backup completes. NA
53567 hfscheck fails after clients are removed from the /REPLICATE domain and then re-replicated. When you remove clients from the /REPLICATE domain and the client backups are on a Data Domain system, the garbage collection process removes the replicated backup files from the Data Domain system that is the replication destination. If the client is then replicated to the Data Domain system again, subsequent hfschecks fail with a MSG_ERR_DDR_ERROR error. NA
175640 Avamar cloud tiering does not support Data Domain Hardware HA in DDOS 6.0 Because of Data Domain issue 175640, the Avamar cloud tiering solution does not support Data Domain Hardware HA in DDOS 6.0. A patch is available from Data Domain to resolve this issue. NA
202755 Avamar backups exceeding 10 hours require minimum DDOS version Any type of Avamar backup to Data Domain that exceeds 10 hours fails if the DDOS version is earlier than Ensure that all Data Domain systems are updated to this version at a minimum. NA
287264 Changing Data Domain system from FQDN to IP results in error When you configure a Data Domain system using the FQDN of the Avamar server, and then update the system to use the IP address instead, the update fails with an error indicating "Failed to connect to Data Domain system." Knowledgebase article 503612 available on the Support page provides more information. NA
288864 Avamar does not display the cloud unit name for a backup that is stored on the cloud tier If a backup is stored on the cloud tier, the Avamar UI displays Cloud as the storage location rather than the exact name of the cloud unit. NA
297904 Replication of Data Domain backups to target device does not occur immediately when Avamar client is deleted from the target device When you delete the Avamar client from the replication target device in the Avamar Management Console UI, the replicated Data Domain backups on the device are set to "expired." As a result, if you initiate another replication before garbage collection has completed on the target server, the Data Domain backups will not be immediately replicated to the target device.

If you want to replicate the backups immediately, manually launch garbage collection on the target server, and then restart the replication.

300657 Trigger group backup takes up to 3 minutes in CDR Advanced Mode With Data Domain Cloud Disaster Recovery (DD Cloud DR) enabled and operating in Advanced Mode, interactions between DD Cloud DR and the Avamar server cause group backups to start approximately 3 minutes after you trigger the backup. NA
309261 Dual stack Data Domain system cannot be added when IPv4 address is inaccessible You cannot add a Data Domain system if an inaccessible IPv4 address point to the Data Domain FQDN exists. Remove the inaccessible IPv4 address in the DNS server, or modify the IPv4 address to a correct address so that a successful connection can be established.
309551 Unable to add Data Domain in a pure IPv6 environment In a pure IPv6 environment, if dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) records exist on the Domain Name Server (DNS), Avamar cannot add the Data Domain system. Remove the IPv4 entry from the DNS.

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