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Dell EMC Avamar 19.7 Release Notes

IBM Lotus Domino plug-in known issues

The following table lists the IBM Lotus Domino plug-in known issues in this release:

Table 1. IBM Lotus Domino plug-in known issues
Issue ID Subject/Functional area Description Workaround/Resolution
239003 Server field in Activity window is blank for the CLI restore operation The Server field in the Activity windows is blank for restore operations that are performed on the command line. NA
273929 Best practices for Oracle and Lotus plug-ins to avoid issues with incremental backup when using a cloud tier When a cloud tiering policy is configured for Avamar plug-ins for Oracle and Lotus, an earlier Full/L0 backup that is performed through the plug-in may already have been moved to the cloud tier. If this problem is the case, subsequent incremental/L1 backups do not complete, because no parent full/L0 backup is found on the active tier.

For the Oracle plug-in, if this issue is encountered, the following error message is written to the plug-in log and the incremental backup fails: An incremental backup was requested but there is no previous full backup. Please perform a full backup before any subsequent full backups.

For the Lotus plug-in, the following error message is written to the plug-in log and the incremental backup fails: No Full backup found, Incremental backups cannot be taken without a full backup

The best practice to avoid this issue is to select a Full/L0 backup interval that is smaller than the age threshold configured for moving backups to cloud tier. This step guarantees that the last Full/L0 backup is always available in the Active tier. For Oracle and Lotus plugins, after the incremental backup failure, you can either recall the last Full/L0 backup from the cloud tier, or perform a new Full/L0 backup instead of the incremental. Then subsequent incremental backups complete successfully.
305687 Avlotus backups complete successfully but report "[AvlotusMonitorCancel]INTERNALERROR: <0001>assert error" On the Lotus plug-in for some AIX systems, a backup is displayed as completed with errors, even when the backup is successful and available for recovery, due to an assertion failure that occurs while unlocking a mutex at the end of the backup. This error can be ignored. NA
314742 Domino plug-in cannot restore NLO file with overwrite option selected The Avamar Plug-in for Lotus Domino is unable to restore an individual NLO file when the overwrite option is selected due to case-sensitive path comparison for the NLO path. Ensure that the DAOS folder name in the NLO path is in ALL CAPS.

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