Dell Command | Update Version 4.x Reference Guide


Dell Command | Update command-line interface

Dell Command | Update provides a command-line version of the application which can be used for batch and scripting setups.

The CLI enables administrators to use an automated remote deployment infrastructure for updates. It provides basic options with no interactive user prompts, and does not include all the features that can be performed using the Graphical User Interface (user interface) version of Dell Command | Update.

To run the CLI: Launch the command prompt as an Administrator, then go to %PROGRAMFILES%\Dell\CommandUpdate and run the dcu-cli.exe command in the command prompt.

To view additional information about the commands and options available in Dell Command | Update: Run dcu-cli.exe /help.

NOTE: If some updates require a restart to complete the installation, the system does not restart automatically. Some updates cannot be installed unless the power adapter is plugged into the system.

For more information about command-line interface for Dell Command | Update, see Dell Command | Update Version 4.x Reference Guide.

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