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Dell EMC Metro node 7.0.1 Security Configuration Guide


Metro node overview

Metro node virtualizes the data that is on storage arrays to create dynamic, distributed, and highly available data centers.

Use metro node to:

  • Move data non-disruptively between Dell EMC storage arrays and non-Dell EMC storage arrays without any downtime for the host.

    Metro node moves data transparently, and the virtual volumes retain the same identities and the same access points to the host. There is no need to reconfigure the host.

  • Protect data in the event of disasters or failure of components in your data centers.

    With metro node, you can withstand failures of storage arrays, cluster components, an entire site failure, or loss of communication between sites (when two clusters are deployed) and still keep applications and data online and available.

With metro node, you can transform the delivery of IT to a flexible, efficient, reliable, and resilient service.

Figure 1. Metro node active-active
VPLEX active-active

Metro node addresses these two primary IT needs:

  • Mobility: Metro node moves applications and data between different storage installations:
    • Within the same data center or across a campus (metro node Local)
    • Within a geographical region (metro node Metro)
  • Availability: Metro node creates high-availability storage infrastructure across these same varied geographies with unmatched resiliency.

Metro node offers the following unique innovations and advantages:

  • Metro node distributed/federated virtual storage enables new models of application and Data Mobility.

    Metro node is optimized for virtual server platforms (VMware ESX, Hyper-V, Oracle Virtual Machine, AIX VIOS).

    Metro node can streamline or accelerate transparent workload relocation over distances, including moving virtual machines.

  • In a Metro configuration, metro node AccessAnywhere provides image consistent active-active access to data across two metro node clusters.

Metro node pools the storage resources in multiple data centers so that the data can be accessed anywhere. With metro node, you can:

  • Provide continuous availability and workload mobility.
  • Replace your tedious data movement and technology refresh processes with metro node’s patented simple, frictionless two-way data exchange between locations.
  • Create an active-active configuration for the active use of resources at both sites.
  • Provide instant access to data between data centers. metro node allows simple, frictionless two-way data exchange between locations.
  • Combine metro node with virtual servers to enable private and hybrid cloud computing.

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