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Dell EMC Metro node 7.0.1 Product Guide

Metro node OS

Metro node OS is the operating system that runs on the metro node hardware.

Metro node OS is:

  • Designed for highly available, robust operation in geographically distributed environments
  • Driven by real-time I/O operations
  • Intelligent about locality of access
  • Designed to provide the global directory that supports AccessAnywhere

The following table summarizes features provided by metro node OS and AccessAnywhere:

Table 1. Metro node OS AccessAnywhere features
Feature Description and considerations
Storage volume encapsulation LUNs on a back-end array can be imported into an instance of metro node and used while keeping their data intact.
Considerations: The storage volume retains the existing data on the device and leverages the media protection and device characteristics of the back-end LUN.
RAID 1 metro node devices can be mirrored within a site.
Considerations: Withstands a device failure within the mirrored pair.
  • A device rebuild is a simple copy from the remaining device to the newly repaired device. Rebuilds are done in incremental fashion, whenever possible.
  • The number of required devices is twice the amount required to store data (actual storage capacity of a mirrored array is 50%).
  • The RAID 1 devices can come from different back-end array LUNs providing the ability to tolerate the failure of a back-end array.
Distributed RAID 1 Metro node devices can be mirrored between sites.
Considerations: Provides protection from site disasters and supports the ability to move data between geographically separate locations.
Migration Volumes can be migrated non-disruptively to other storage systems.
Considerations: Use migration for changing the quality of service of a volume or for performing technology refresh operations.
Global Visibility The presentation of a volume from one metro node cluster where the physical storage for the volume is provided by a remote metro node cluster.
Considerations: Use Global Visibility for AccessAnywhere collaboration between locations. The cluster without local storage for the volume will use its local cache to service I/O but non-cached operations incur remote latencies to write or read the data.

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