Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


Available alert actions

The following table displays the alert actions for each component that allows you to configure an alert action:
Table 1. Valid Parameters of Alert Actions For Warning and Failure Events . This table lists the valid parameters of alert actions for warning and failure events
Alert Action Setting Description
alert=true | false

true: Enables the system's console alert. When enabled, the monitor attached to the system from which you are running Server Administrator displays a visual alert message.

false: Disables the system's console alert.

broadcast=true | false

true: Enables a message or alert to broadcast to all users who have an active terminal (or Remote Desktop) session (Windows) or to operators that have an active shell on the local system (Linux.)

false: Disables alert broadcasts.

clearall=true Clears all actions for this event.

Sets the fully qualified path and file name of the application you want to execute in case of an event for the component described in this window.

  • NOTE: On Linux systems, user or user groups upgraded to administrator or administrator groups cannot configure this alert action setting.
execapp=false Disables the executable application.

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