Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


Example Help Commands

When you type omconfig -?, you get general help about the omconfig command. The help at this level lists the available subcommands for omconfig:
  • about
  • preferences
  • chassis
  • system
When you type omconfig system -?, the CLI help lists all the subcommands available for omconfig system :
  • alertaction
  • alertlog
  • assetinfo
  • cmdlog
  • esmlog
  • events
  • platformevents
  • pedestinations
  • recovery
  • shutdown
  • thrmshutdown
  • webserver
Also parse the omconfig system assetinfo command as follows:
                                    command level 1 command level 2 command level 3> <
                                    name=value pair 1> [
                                    name=value pair 2]

where command levels 1, 2, and 3 are represented by omconfig system assetinfo, name=value pair 1 is represented by info=depreciation , and name=value pair 2 is represented by method=straightline.

To set the depreciation method to straight line, type:
omconfig system assetinfo info=depreciation method=straightline
The CLI responds with the following message:
Asset information set successfully.
When you type omconfig system assetinfo -?, the help that displays provides information about assigning values for the name and option fields. Partial results for the request omconfig system assetinfo -? are as follows:
assetinfo    Set asset information.

For one info value, specify one or more optional parameter(s).

The following table displays the optional parameters for info=acquisition:

Table 1. Optional Parameters. This table lists the Optional Parameters
Info Value Optional parameters
Info=acquisition purchasecost=< num> waybill < num>installdate =< mmddyy> purchasedate=< mmddyy> ponum=< num> signauth=< text> expensed=< yes|no> costcenter=< text> info=depreciation method=< text> duration= < num> percent=< percent> unit=< months | years | unknown>

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