Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


omconfig Create Virtual Disk

The Dell EMC OpenManage Online Help provides additional information about creating virtual disks.

The omconfig syntax for creating a virtual disk has several parameters. You must specify the following parameters:
  • Controller (controller=id)
  • RAID level (raid=<c| r0 | r1 | r1c | r5 | r6 | r10 | r50 | r60>
  • Size (size=<number | max | min>)>
Physical disk is specified as either:
  • For SCSI, SATA, and ATA controllers:
    where connector:enclosureID:targetID is the connector number, enclosure number, and slot number.
  • For SAS controllers:
    where connectorID:targetID is the connector number and the slot number. For example, pdisk=0:2

Storage Management supplies default values for any of the other parameters that you do not specify.

For creating an encrypted virtual disk, specify secureflag=yes. You can create encrypted virtual disks only with SED drives.

Complete Syntax:

omconfig storage controller action=createvdisk controller=id raid=<c| r0 | r1 | r1c | r5 | r6 | r10 | r50 | r60>size=<number
                                    | max | min> pdisk=<
                                    PDISKID> [stripesize=stripesize=< 2kb| 4kb| 8kb| 16kb| 32kb| 64kb | 128kb>] [cachepolicy=<d | c>] [diskcachepolicy=<disabled | enabled>][readpolicy=<ra
                                    | nra | ara | rc | nrc>] [writepolicy=<wb| wt| wc| nwc | fwb>] [name=<
                                    string>] [spanlength=<
                                    n>] | [secureflag=yes][vdpienabled=yes] 
  • NOTE: If the command-line interface does not support commas (,) as parameter separators, then use double quotation marks (“) to run the CLI command. Example, use pdisk="0:1:1,0:1:2" instead of pdisk=0:1:1,0:1:2.
  • NOTE: If you are configuring RAID for SAS controllers with firmware version 6.1 and later, spanlength is an optional parameter (default=2). Spanlength is an even number and is lesser than or equal to half the number of physical disks specified in size.
  • NOTE: The vdpienabled is an optional argument and is valid only on PERC9 controllers. If set to yes a T10 Protection Information (PI) enabled virtual disk is created.
  • NOTE: For RAID 10 creation, PERC 9 firmware suggests the layout (number of array disks) with uneven span (spans with unequal number of array disks), though in a span the number of disks remains even. For example, for 32 disks, RAID 10 gets created with all the disks in one span and for 34 disks, RAID 10 gets created with 16 disks in one span and 18 disks in the other span.

Example Syntax:

You can create a RAID-5 virtual disk of 500 MB with a stripe size of 16 KB on a PERC 3/QC controller. The name of the virtual disk is vd1 and it resides on connector 0 of controller 1. Because the virtual disk is a RAID-5, it requires at least three physical disks. In this example, you specify four physical disks. These are physical disks 0 through 3. The virtual disk has read-ahead, write–through caching, and cache I/O policies.

To create a virtual disk:
omconfig storage controller action=createvdisk controller=1 raid=r5 size=500m pdisk= 0:0,0:1,0:2,0:3 stripesize=16kb cachepolicy=c
                                    readpolicy=ra writepolicy=wt

The only parameters that require specification are for the controller, RAID level, virtual disk size, and physical disk selection. Storage Management supplies default values for all other unspecified parameters. For more information on read, write, and cache policies that are supported by the controller, see the Dell EMC OpenManage Online Help.

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