Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


Omconfig Unblink Virtual Disk

Table 1. omconfig Unblink Virtual Disk . The following table describes the syntax and sample syntaxes for the omconfig Unblink Virtual Disk command.


Unblinks the physical disks included in a virtual disk.


omconfig storage vdisk action=unblink controller=id vdisk=id , where id is the controller ID and virtual disk ID as reported by the omreport command.

  • NOTE: To obtain these values, type omreport storage controller to display the controller IDs and then type omreport storage vdisk controller=ID to display the IDs for the physical disks attached to the controller.

Example to

Unblink the physical disks in virtual disk 4 on controller 1.


omconfig storage vdisk action=unblink controller=1 vdisk=4

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