Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


omreport about

Use the omreport about command to learn the product name and version number of the systems management application installed on the system. The following is an example output from the omreport about command:

Table 1. omreport about command . This table lists the omreport about command
Product name : Dell OpenManage Server Administrator
Version : x.x.x
Copyright : Copyright (C) Dell Inc. xxxx-xxxx. All rights reserved.
Company : Dell Inc.
For details about the environment for Server Administrator, type:
omreport about details=true

Server Administrator includes a number of services, each of which has a version number of its own. The Contains field reports version numbers for the services as well as other useful details. The following output is an example, and can change depending on the system’s configuration and the version of Server Administrator installed on the system:

Table 2. Contains field. This table lists the information about the Contains field
Instrumentation Service 7.x.x
                                             Storage Management 4.x.x
                                             Sun Java Runtime Environment 1.x.x_xx
                                             Secure Port Server 7.x.x
                                             Server Administrator Core Files 7.x.x
                                             Instrumentation Service Integration Layer 7.x.x
                                             Server Administrator Common Framework 7.x.x
                                             Common Storage Module 4.x.x
                                             Data Engine 7.x.x
                                             Instrumentation Service 7.x.x

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