Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


Omreport Chassis Processors Or Omreport Mainsystem Processors

Use the omreport chassis processors or omreport mainsystem processors command to view properties of the system’s processors.

Server Administrator displays values for the following fields: Index, Status, Connector Name, Processor Brand, Processor Version, Current Speed, State, and Core Count.

The following table provides the description of the fields.

Table 1. Fields and Description. This table lists the Fields and Description
Field Description
Index Processor number
Status Current status of the processor.
Connector Name Name or number of the device that occupies the processor slot in the system.
Processor Brand Type of processor made by a manufacturer such as Intel Itanium, Intel Pentium III, Intel Xeon, or AMD Opteron.
Processor Version Model and stepping number of the processor.
Current Speed Actual processor speed in MHz at system boot time.
State Whether the processor slot is enabled or disabled.
Core Count Number of processors integrated into one chip.

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