Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


omreport modularenclosure

Use the omreport modularenclosure command to view details of the Blade system. Type:
omreport modularenclosure
  • NOTE: This CLI command is available when OpenManage Server Administrator is installed on Dell Blade systems.

Server Administrator displays information related to the modular enclosure and chassis management controller CMC (if available):

  • NOTE: The output varies depending on the configuration of the system.
Table 1. Output. This table lists the Outputs
Modular Chassis Information  
Chassis Information  
Attribute : Model
Value : Modular Server Enclosure
Attribute : Lock
Value : true
Attribute : Service Tag
Value : 8RLNB1S
Attribute : Express Service Code
Value : 18955029124
CMC Information  
Attribute : Product
Value : Chassis Management Controller (CMC)
Attribute : Description
Value : The system component provides a complete set of remote managementfunctions for Dell systems.
Attribute : Version
Value : 3.20
Attribute : IP Address
Value :
Attribute : IP Address Source
Value : Dynamic Source
Attribute : IP Address Type
Value : IPv4
Attribute : Remote Connect Interface
Value : Launch CMC Web Interface

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