Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


Omreport preferences webserver

Use the omreport preferences webserver command to view the URL details, current key-sign algorithm, and the JRE details.

The following table lists the available attributes of omreport preferences webserver .

Table 1. Valid Parameters Of Omreport Preferences Webserver . This table lists the Valid Parameters Of Omreport Preferences Webserver
name=value pair Description
attribute=geturl Reports the URL information of the web server. This command helps to access the Server Administrator GUI using a remote web server (management system).
attribute=getsignalgorithm Reports the current key-sign algorithm.
attribute=getjre Displays the version of the currently used JRE.
attribute=getjrelist Displays the supported JRE versions installed in the system.
attribute=getciphers Displays the current cipher values configured.
attribute=getsslprotocol Displays the current SSL Protocol values set.
attribute=getport Displays the information of the configured port value.
attribute=getipaddress Reports the configured IP Address value.
attribute=getsessiontimeout Displays the configured session time-out value.
omreport preferences webserver attribute=getjrelist
The output that is displayed is as follows:
Version: 1.7.0_05 (Bundled)
                                    Path : C:\Program Files <x86>\Dell|SysMgt\jre
                                    Path:C:\Program Files <x86>\Java\jre7

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