Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


omreport Viewing System Status Using The Instrumentation Service

The omreport command allows you to see detailed information about the system components. You can also retrieve summaries for many system components at one time, or get details about a specific component. This chapter shows you how to get reports with the level of detail that you want.

Commands documented in this chapter vary in whether they define the fields that appear in the results of a particular omreport command. The fields are defined only if they have a special or less familiar use.

As with all other components, use omreport to view component status, and omconfig to manage a component. For information on configuring components for management, see omconfig: Managing Components Using The Instrumentation Service .

Use the omreport commands to get information you need to execute an omconfig command. For example, to edit the minimum temperature for a warning event on a temperature probe, you must know the index of the probe you want to configure. Use omreport chassis temps to display a list of probes and their indexes.

The omreport commands available on the system depend on the system configuration. The following table lists the systems on which the omreport commands are applicable:

Table 1. System Availability For The omreport Command . This table lists the System Availability For The omreport Command
Command Level 1 Command Level 2 Applicable To
omreport modularenclosure Blade systems
  servermodule Blade systems
  mainsystem Blade systems
  system Rack and Tower systems
  chassis Rack and Tower systems
  preferences Blade or Rack, and Tower systems

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