Dell EMC OpenManage Command Line Interface Guide Version 9.1


Primary CLI Commands

The commands that carry out the functions of Server Administrator are:
  • omconfig
  • omhelp
  • omreport

The omconfig command writes values that you assign to an object's properties. You can specify values for warning thresholds on components or prescribe actions that the system must perform when a certain warning or failure event occurs. You can also use the omconfig command to assign specific values to the system's asset information parameters, such as the purchase price of the system, the system's asset tag, or the system's location.

The omhelp command displays short-text help for CLI commands. The shorthand equivalent of omhelp is the command for which you want help followed by -?. For example, to display help for the omreport command, type one of the following commands:
  • omhelp omreport
  • omreport -?

The omreport command displays reports of the management information of the system.

  • NOTE: For an overall summary of the CLI commands, type omhelp.
  • NOTE: The omupdate commands are no longer supported in Server Administrator and are replaced by Dell Update Package or the Server Update Utility commands. To update the different components, download the Dell Update Package and run the <package name> /s [/f command. For more information on the corresponding CLI syntax, see the Dell Update Packages for Operating Systems User’s Guide or the OpenManage Server Update Utility User’s Guide at

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