Dell EMC PowerSwitch S3048-ON Installation Guide March 2021


1U front-rack installation

Configure the rails that are attached to the switch.

  1. Attach the inner chassis members switch rails to the S3048-ON switch.
    Item 3 shows the detail for the front standoff with the locking tab.
    Figure 1. Switch rails attachment
    Illustration of attaching the switch rails.
  2. After you have installed both switch rails, line them up on the previously mounted Ready-Rails and slide the switch in until it is flush with front of rack.
    About three inches before you fully insert your switch, the rail locking feature engages to keep the switch from inadvertently sliding out of the rack and falling.
    Figure 2. Front rack installation
    Illustration of a front rack installation.
    NOTE: Do not the use the mounted ReadyRails as a shelf or a workplace.

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