Dell EMC PowerSwitch S3048-ON Installation Guide March 2021


AC power supply installation

NOTE: The PSU slides into the slot smoothly. Do not force a PSU into a slot as this action may damage the PSU or the S3048–ON chassis.
NOTE: Ensure that you correctly install the PSU. When you install the PSU correctly, the power connector is on the right side of the PSU.
NOTE: If you use a single PSU, install a blank plate in the other PSU slot. If you are only using one power supply, Dell EMC recommends installing the power supply in the first slot (PSU1) and installing a blank plate in the second slot (PSU2).
  1. Remove the PSU slot cover from the S3048-ON using a small #1 Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Remove the PSU from the electro-static bag.
  3. Insert the PSU into the switch PSU slot. Insert the PSU exposed PCB edge connector first.
    The PSU slot is keyed so that the PSU can only be fully inserted in one orientation.
    Figure 1. PSU installation
    Illustration of installing the PSU.
    When you install the PSU correctly, it snaps into place and is flushed with the back of the switch.
  4. Plug in the appropriate AC three-prong power cord from the switch PSU to the external power source.
  5. If you have a redundant PSU, repeat steps 1 through 4 above using the second PSU slot on the S3048-ON switch.
    NOTE: The S3048-ON powers up when you connect the cables between the power supply and the power source.

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