Dell EMC PowerSwitch S3048-ON Installation Guide March 2021



The following power supply options are available for the S3048–ON:

  • AC power supply with integrated fan
  • AC power supply with integrated reverse flow fan

Power supply 1 (PSU1) is on the left side of the chassis; power supply 2 (PSU2) is on the right side of the chassis.

Figure 1. S3048–ON PSUs
S3048–ON power supply units (PSUs)
  1. PSU 1 and 2

The PSUs have an integrated fan, which you cannot replace individually. If the fan integrated in a PSU fails, you must replace the entire PSU. You can replace the fan trays individually. For fan tray replacement procedures, see Fans.

WARNING: Prevent exposure and contact with hazardous voltages. Do not attempt to operate this switch with the safety cover removed.
CAUTION: Remove the power cable from the PSU prior to removing the PSU. Also, do not connect the power cable before you insert the PSU in the chassis.
NOTE: To comply with the GR-1089 Lightning Criteria for Equipment Interfacing with AC Power Ports, use an external surge protection device (SPD) at the AC input of the router.

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