Dell EMC PowerSwitch S3048-ON Installation Guide March 2021


LED behavior

The following S3048–ON switch LED behavior is seen during ONIE operations:

Figure 1. S3048–ON LEDs
Illustration of the S3048–ON LEDs
  1. System Status LED
  2. Master LED
  3. Power LED
  4. Locator LED
  5. Fan LED
  6. Management Port LEDs
Table 1. S3048–ON LED behaviorTable listing the S3048-ON LED behavior.
System Status/Health LED
  • Solid green—Normal operation
  • Blinking green—Booting
  • Solid yellow—Critical system error
  • Blinking yellow—Non-critical system error, fan failure, or power supply failure
Power LED
  • Off—No power
  • Solid Green—Normal
  • Solid yellow—POST is in process
  • Blinking yellow—Power supply failed
Master LED
  • Off—Switch is in Stacking Slave mode
  • Solid green—System is in Stacking Master or Standalone mode
  • Solid green—Fan powered and running at the expected RPM
  • Solid yellow—Fan failed including incompatible airflow direction when you insert the PSU or fan trays with differing airflows
  • Off—Locator function is disabled
  • Blinking blue—Locator function is enabled
Table 2. Management Ethernet port LEDsTable listing the Management Ethernet port LED behavior.
Link LED
  • Off—No link
  • Solid green—Link on 1 Gbps speed
  • Solid yellow—Link on 10/100 Mbps speeds
Table 3. SFP+ Port LEDsTable listing the SFP+ port LED behavior.
Link LED
  • Off—No link
  • Solid green—Link on 10 Gbps speed
  • Flashing green, ~1 s—Link on less than 10 G speed
Activity LED
  • Off—No link
  • Flashing green, ~30 ms—10 Gbps activity
  • Flashing green, ~1 s—Specific port locate

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