Dell EMC PowerSwitch S3048-ON Installation Guide March 2021


Optics installation

The S3048–ON has four SFP+ optical ports.

For a list of supported optics, see the S3048–ON data sheet at or contact your Dell EMC representative.

CAUTION: ESD damage can occur if components are mishandled. Always wear an ESD-preventive wrist or heel ground strap when handling the S3048–ON and its components.
WARNING: When working with optical fibers, follow all warning labels and always wear eye protection. Never look directly into the end of a terminated or unterminated fiber or connector as it may cause eye damage.
  1. Position the optic so it is in the correct position.
    The optic has a key that prevents it from being inserted incorrectly.
  2. Insert the optic into the port until it gently snaps into place.
    NOTE: When you cable the ports, be sure not to interfere with the airflow from the small vent holes above and below the ports.

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