Dell EMC PowerSwitch S3048-ON Installation Guide March 2021


Rack or cabinet hardware installation

You may either place the switch on a rack shelf or mount the switch directly into a 19" wide, EIA-310- E-compliant rack—four-post, two-post, or threaded methods. The Dell EMC ReadyRails™ system is provided for 1U front-rack and two-post installations.

The ReadyRails system includes two separately packaged rail assemblies and two rails that are shipped attached to the sides of the switch.

WARNING: This is a condensed reference. Read the safety instructions in your Safety, Environmental, and Regulatory information booklet before you begin.
NOTE: The illustrations in this document are not intended to represent a specific switch.
NOTE: Do not the use the mounted ReadyRails as a shelf or a workplace.

Rack mount safety considerations

  • Rack loading—Overloading or uneven loading of racks may result in shelf or rack failure, causing damage to the equipment and possible personal injury. Stabilize racks in a permanent location before loading begins. Mount the components beginning at the bottom of the rack, then work to the top. Do not exceed your rack’s load rating.
  • Power considerations—Connect only to the power source specified on the unit. When multiple electrical components are installed in a rack, ensure that the total component power ratings do not exceed the circuit capabilities. Overloaded power sources and extension cords present fire and shock hazards.
  • Elevated ambient temperature—If installed in a closed rack assembly, the operating temperature of the rack environment may be greater than the room ambient temperature. Use care not to exceed the 45°C maximum ambient temperature of the switch.
  • Reduced air flow—Install the equipment in the rack so that the amount of airflow required for safe operation of the equipment is not compromised.
  • Reliable earthing—Maintain reliable earthing of rack-mounted equipment. Pay particular attention to the supply connections other than the direct connections to the branch circuit, for example: use of power strips.
  • Do not mount the equipment with the rear panel facing in the downward position.

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