OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


Command help

To view a list of valid commands for any CLI mode, enter ?.

  1. Enter ? to view the commands available in EXEC mode.
    OS10# ?
                                           alarm                    Alarm commands
                                           alias                    Set alias for a command
                                           batch                    Batch Mode
                                           boot                     Tell the system where to access the software image at bootup
                                           clear                    Clear command
                                           clock                    Configure the system clock
                                           commit                   Commit candidate configuration
                                           configure                Enter configuration mode
                                           copy                     Perform a file copy operation
                                           debug                    Debug command
                                           delete                   Perform a file delete operation on local file system
                                           dir                      Show the list of files for the specified system folder
                                           discard                  Discard candidate configuration
                                           exit                     Exit from the CLI
                                           generate                 Command to generate executed functionality
                                           help                     Display available commands
                                           image                    Image commands
                                           kill-session             Kill a CLISH session
                                           license                  License and digital fulfillment commands
                                           location-led             Set location LED
                                           lock                     Lock candidate configuration
                                           move                     Perform a file move/rename operation on local filesystem
                                           no                       No commands under exec mode
                                           ping                     ping -h shows help
                                           ping6                    ping6 -h shows help
                                           reload                   Reboot Dell EMC Networking Operating System
                                           show                     Show running system information
                                           start                    Activate transaction based configuration
                                           support-assist-activity  Support Assist related activity
                                           system                   System command
                                           terminal                 Set terminal settings
                                           traceroute               traceroute --help shows help
                                           unlock                   Unlock candidate configuration
                                           validate                 Validate candidate configuration
                                           write                    Copy from current system configuration
  2. Enter CONFIGURATION mode.
    OS10# configure terminal
  3. Enter ? to show the commands available in CONFIGURATION mode.
    OS10(config)# ?
                                           aaa                      Configure AAA
                                           alias                    Set alias for a command
                                           class-map                Configure class map
                                           clock                    Configure clock parameters
                                           control-plane            Control-plane configuration
                                           crypto                   Crypto commands
                                           dcbx                     DCBX commands
                                           dot1x                    Configure dot1x global information
                                           end                      Exit to the exec Mode
                                           eula-consent             eula-consent configuration
                                           exec-timeout             Set timeout (in seconds) for all CLI sessions
                                           exit                     Exit from current mode
                                           feature                  Enable feature
                                           hash-algorithm           Hash algorithm configurations
                                           help                     Display available commands
                                           host-description         Set the system host description
                                           hostname                 Set the system hostname
                                           interface                Select an interface
                                           ip                       Global IP configuration subcommands
                                           ipv6                     Configure ipv6
                                           iscsi                    enable iscsi globally
                                           lacp                     LACP commands
                                           line                     Configure a terminal line
                                           link-bundle-utilization  Configure link bundle utilization trigger threshold
                                           lldp                     Configure LLDP parameters
                                           load-balancing           Load balancing configurations
                                           logging                  Logging commands
                                           login-statistics         Configure login statistics
                                           mac                      MAC Address Table Configuration Subcommands
                                           management               management interface commands
                                           monitor                  Create a session for monitoring traffic
                                           no                       To delete / disable commands in config mode
                                           ntp                      Configure NTP
                                           policy-map               Configure policy map
                                           qos-map                  Configure QoS map
                                           radius-server            Specify radius server host and configure communication parameters
                                           route-map                Creates route-map
                                           router                   Enable a routing process
                                           sflow                    Configure sflow parameters
                                           snmp-server              Configure SNMP server
                                           spanning-tree            Spanning Tree Subsystem
                                           support-assist           Support Assist feature configuration
                                           system                   System configuration
                                           telnet                   Configure telnet server settings
                                           track                    Configure object tracking
                                           trust                    Configure trust
                                           unit-provision           Unit provision configuration
                                           username                 Create or modify users
                                           vlt-domain               VLT domain configurations
                                           vrrp                     Configure VRRP global attributes
                                           wred                     Configure WRED profile

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