OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


Configure local monitoring session

  1. Verify that the intended monitoring port has no configuration other than no shutdown and no switchport.
    show running-configuration
  2. Create a monitoring session in CONFIGURATION mode.
    monitor session 
                                           session-id [local]
  3. Enter the source and direction of monitored traffic in MONITOR-SESSION mode.
    source interface 
                                           interface-type {both | rx | tx}
  4. Enter the destination of traffic in MONITOR-SESSION mode.
    destination interface 

Create monitoring session

OS10(config)# monitor session 1

Configure source and destination port, and traffic direction

OS10(conf-mon-local-1)# source interface ethernet 1/1/7-1/1/8 rx
                                 OS10(conf-mon-local-1)# destination interface ethernet1/1/1
                                 OS10(conf-mon-local-1)# no shut

View configured monitoring sessions

In the State field, true indicates that the port is enabled. In the Reason field, Is UP indicates that hardware resources are allocated.

OS10# show monitor session all
                                 S.Id  Source        Destination    Dir SrcIP DstIP DSCP TTL  State Reason
                                 1    ethernet1/1/7  ethernet1/1/1 rx  N/A   N/A   N/A  N/A  true  Is UP

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