OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


Configure MSTP

When you enable MST globally, all L2 physical, port-channel, and VLAN interfaces are automatically assigned to MSTI zero (0). Within an MSTI, only one path from any one bridge to another is enabled for forwarding.

  • Enable MST in CONFIGURATION mode.
    spanning-tree mode mst

Configure and verify MSTP

OS10(config)# spanning-tree mode mst
                                 OS10(config)# do show spanning-tree
                                 show spanning-tree mst configuration
                                 Region Name: ravi
                                 Revision: 0
                                 MSTI    VID
                                 0       1,7-4093
                                 1       2
                                 2       3
                                 3       4
                                 4       5
                                 5       6

Add or remove interfaces

By default, all interfaces are enabled in L2 switchport mode, and all L2 interfaces are part of spanning-tree.

  • Disable spanning-tree on an interface in INTERFACE mode.
    spanning-tree disable
  • Enable MST on an interface in INTERFACE mode.
    no spanning-tree disable

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