OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


Configure RoCE on the switch

The following example describes the steps that you need to perform to configure RoCE on the switch. This configuration example uses priority 3 for RoCE.

  1. Enter in to the CONFIGURATION mode.
    OS10# configure terminal
                                           OS10 (config)#
  2. Enable the Data Center Bridging Exchange protocol (DCBX).
    OS10 (config)# dcbx enable
  3. Create a VLAN. In this example, we use VLAN 55 to switch the RoCE traffic. You can configure any value from 1 to 4093.
    OS10 (config)# interface vlan 55
  4. Create a network-qos type class-map for priority flow control (PFC).
    OS10 (config)# class-map type network-qos pfcdot1p3
                                           OS10 (config)# match qos-group 3
  5. Create queuing-type class-maps for enhanced transmission selection (ETS).
    OS10 (config)# class-map type queuing Q0
                                           OS10 (config)# match queue 0
                                           OS10 (config)# class-map type queuing Q3
                                           OS10 (config)# match queue 3
  6. Create a QoS map for ETS.
    OS10 (config)# qos-map traffic-class 2Q
                                           OS10 (config)# queue 0 qos-group 0-2, 4-7
                                           OS10 (config)# queue 3 qos-group 3
  7. Create a policy-map for PFC.
    OS10 (config)# policy-map type network-qos pfcdot1p3
                                           OS10 (config)# class pfcdoc1p3
                                           OS10 (config)# pause
  8. Create an egress policy-map.
    OS10 (config)# policy-map type queuing 2Q
                                           OS10 (config)# class Q0 bandwidth percent 30
                                           OS10 (config)# class Q3 bandwidth percent 70
  9. Apply the dot1p trust globally or at the interface level. In this example, the dot1p trust is applied globally.
    OS10 (config)# system qos
                                           OS10 (config)# trust-map dot1p default
  10. Perform the following configurations on all switch interfaces where you want to support RoCE.
    1. Enter in to the INTERFACE mode and enter the no shutdown command.
      OS10# configure terminal
                                                   OS10 (config)# interface ethernet 1/1/1
                                                   OS10 (conf-if-eth1/1/1)# no shutdown
    2. Change the switch port mode to trunk mode.
      OS10 (conf-if-eth1/1/1)# switchport mode trunk
    3. Specify the allowed VLANs on the trunk port.
      OS10 (conf-if-eth1/1/1)# switchport trunk allowed vlan 55
    4. Apply the network-qos type policy-map to the interface.
      OS10 (conf-if-eth1/1/1)# service-policy input type network-qos pfcdot1p3
    5. Apply the queuing policy to egress traffic on the interface.
      OS10 (conf-if-eth1/1/1)# service-policy output type queuing 2Q
    6. Enable enhanced transmission selection (ETS) on the interface.
      OS10 (conf-if-eth1/1/1)# ets mode on
    7. Apply the qos-map for ETS configurations on the interface.
      OS10 (conf-if-eth1/1/1)# qos-map traffic-class 2Q
    8. Enable PFC on the interface.
      OS10 (conf-if-eth1/1/1)# priority-flow-control mode on

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