OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


Control access to VTY

You can control the Telnet or SSH connections to the switch by applying access lists on VTY lines.

Create IP or IPv6 access lists with permit or deny filters.

Enter the VTY mode by using the line vty command in the CONFIGURATION mode.

Apply the access lists to the VTY line with the {ip | ipv6} access-class access-list-name command.

OS10(config)# ip access-list permit10
                                 OS10(config-ipv4-acl)# permit ip any
                                 OS10(config-ipv4-acl)# exit
                                 OS10(config)# line vty
                                 OS10(config-line-vty)# ip access-class permit10
View VTY ACL configuration
OS10(config-line-vty)# show configuration
                                 line vty
                                 ip access-class permit10
                                 ipv6 access-class deny10

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