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Copies the current running configuration to the startup configuration and transfers files between an OS10 switch and a remote device.

copy [running-configuration startup-configuration | config:// filepath | coredump:// filepath | ftp:// filepath | home:// filepath | scp:// filepath | sftp:// filepath | supportbundle:// filepath | tftp:// filepath | usb:// filepath]
  • running-configuration startup-configuration — (Optional) Copy the current running configuration file to the startup configuration file.
  • config: //filepath — (Optional) Copy from configuration directory.
  • coredump: //filepath — (Optional) Copy from the coredump directory.
  • ftp: //userid:passwd@hostip/filepath — (Optional) Copy from a remote FTP server.
  • home: //username/filepath — (Optional) Copy from the home directory.
  • scp: //userid:passwd@hostip/filepath — (Optional) Copy from a remote SCP server.
  • sftp: //userid:passwd@hostip/filepath — (Optional) Copy from a remote SFTP server.
  • supportbundle: //filepath — (Optional) Copy from the support-bundle directory.
  • tftp: //hostip/filepath — (Optional) Copy from a remote TFTP server.
  • usb: filepath — (Optional) Copy from an USB file system.
Not configured
Command Mode
Usage Information
Use this command to save running configuration to the startup configuration, transfer coredump files to a remote location, back up the startup configuration, retrieve a previously backed-up configuration, replace the startup configuration file, or transfer support bundles.
OS10# dir coredump
                                       Directory contents for folder: coredump
                                       Date (modified)        Size (bytes)  Name
                                       ---------------------  ------------  ------------------------------------------
                                       2017-02-15T19:05:41Z   12402278      core.netconfd-pro.2017-02-15_19-05-09.gz                                        
                                       OS10# copy coredump://core.netconfd-pro.2017-02-15_19-05-09.gz scp://os10user:os10passwd@
Example (copy startup configuration)
OS10# dir config
                                       Directory contents for folder: config
                                       Date (modified)        Size (bytes)  Name
                                       ---------------------  ------------  ------------------------------------------
                                       2017-02-15T20:38:12Z   54525         startup.xml                                                                     
                                       OS10# copy config://startup.xml scp://os10user:os10passwd@
Example (retrieve backed-up configuration)
OS10# copy scp://os10user:os10passwd@ home://config.xml 
                                       OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/5)# dir home
                                       Directory contents for folder: home
                                       Date (modified)        Size (bytes)  Name
                                       ---------------------  ------------  ------------------------------------------
                                       2017-02-15T21:19:54Z   54525         config.xml                                                                      
Example (replace startup configuration)
OS10# home://config.xml config://startup.xml
Supported Releases
10.2.0E or later

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