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crypto ssh-key generate

Regenerate public keys used in SSH authentication.

crypto ssh-key generate {rsa bits | ecdsa bits | ed25519}
  • rsa bits — Regenerates the RSA key with the specified bit size (2048, 3072, or 4096; default 2048).
  • ecdsa bits — Regenerates the ECDSA key with the specified bit size (256, 384, or 521; default 256).
  • ed25519 — Regenerates the Ed25519 key with the default bit size.
The SSH server uses default public key lengths for client authentication:
  • RSA key: 2048 bits
  • ECDSA key : 256 bits
  • Ed25519 key: 256 bits
Command Mode
Usage Information
If necessary, you can regenerate the public keys used by the SSH server with a customized bit size. You cannot change the default size of the Ed25519 key. The crypto ssh-key generate command is available only to the sysadmin and secadmin roles.
OS10# crypto ssh-key generate rsa 4096
                                       Host key already exists. Overwrite [confirm yes/no]:yes
                                       Generated 4096-bit RSA key
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