OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


Delay restore timer

When a VLT node boots up, restoration of VLT port status is deferred for a certain amount of time to enable VLT peers to complete the control data information exchange.

If the peer VLT device was up at the time the VLTi link failed, the system allows a delay in bringing up of VLT ports after reload or peer-link restoration between the VLT peer switches..

When both the VLT peers are up and running, and if VLTi fails, the secondary peer brings down the VLT ports. When the VLTi port comes up, secondary peer does not bring up VLT ports immediately. The VLT ports are brought up only after the VLT port restoration timer, to allow both the VLT peers to sync up the control information with each other.

By default, the system allows 90 seconds. You can use the delay-restore timer command to modify the duration of the timer.

OS10(config)# vlt-domain 1
                                 OS10(conf-vlt-1)# delay-restore 100

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