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EdgePort forward traffic

EdgePort allows the interface to forward traffic approximately 30 seconds sooner as it skips the Blocking and Learning states. The spanning-tree bpduguard enable command causes the interface hardware to shut down when it receives a BPDU.

  • CAUTION: Configure EdgePort only on links connecting to an end station. EdgePort can cause loops if you enable it on an interface connected to a network.
  • Enable EdgePort on an interface in INTERFACE mode.
    spanning-tree port type edge

Configure EdgePort and view interface status

OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/5)# spanning-tree port type edge

View interface status

OS10# show spanning-tree interface ethernet 1/1/5
                                 ethernet1/1/5 of RSTP 1 is designated Forwarding
                                 Edge port:yes port guard :none (default)
                                 Link type is point-to-point (auto)
                                 Boundary: YES bpdu filter :disable bpdu guard :disable  bpduguard shutdown-on-
                                 violation :disable  RootGuard:  disable LoopGuard  disable
                                 Bpdus (MRecords) sent 610, received 5
                                 Interface                                             Designated
                                 Name            PortID   Prio Cost Sts  Cost Bridge ID       PortID
                                 ethernet1/1/5   128.272  128  500  FWD  0    32768 90b1.1cf4.a911  128.272

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