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Enable user lockout

By default, a maximum of three consecutive failed password attempts is supported on the switch. You can set a limit to the maximum number of allowed password retries with a specified lockout period for the user ID.

This feature is available only for the sysadmin and secadmin roles.

  • Configure user lockout settings in CONFIGURATION mode.
    password-attributes {[max-retry 
                                        number ] [lockout-period 
    • max-retry number — Sets the maximum number of consecutive failed login attempts for a user before the user is locked out (0 to 16; default 3).
    • lockout-period minutes — Sets the amount of time that a user ID is prevented from accessing the system after exceeding the maximum number of failed login attempts (0 to 43,200; default 0).

When a user is locked out due to exceeding the maximum number of failed login attempts, other users can still access the switch.

By default, lockout-period minutes is 0; no lockout period is configured. Failed login attempts do not lock out a user.

Configure user lockout

OS10(config)# password-attributes max-retry 4 lockout period 360

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