OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


Graceful restart

When a networking device restarts, the adjacent neighbors and peers detect the condition. During a graceful restart, the restarting device and the neighbors continue to forward the packets without interrupting the network performance. The neighbors that help in the restart process are called as helper routers.

When graceful restart is enabled, the restarting device retains the routes learned by OSPF in the forwarding table. To re establish OSPF adjacencies with neighbors, the restarting OSPF process sends a grace LSA to all neighbors. In response, the helper router enters helper mode and sends an acknowledgement back to the restarting device.

OS10 supports graceful restart helper mode. Use the graceful-restart role helper-only command to enable the helper mode in the ROUTER OSPF mode.

OS10(config)# router ospf 10
                              OS10(conf-router-ospf-10)# graceful-restart role helper-only

Use the no version of the command to disable the helper mode.

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