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hardware forwarding-table mode

Select a mode to initialize the maximum scalability size. The available options are: scaled L2 MAC address table, scaled L3 routes table, or scaled L3 hosts table.

hardware forwarding-table mode {scaled-l2 | scaled-l3-routes | scaled-l3-hosts}

Use the no hardware forwarding-table mode command to set the UFT mode to default.

  • scaled-l2 —Maximize the MAC address table size.
  • scaled-l3-routes — Maximize the L3 routes table size.
  • scaled-l3-hosts — Maximize the L3 hosts table size
The default parameters vary according to the platform. See UFT modes.
Command Mode
Usage Information
Configure the sizes of internal L2 and L3 forwarding tables of the switch as per the requirements of the network environment. You need to reload the switch to apply the changes.
OS10(config)# hardware forwarding-table mode scaled-l3-hosts
Supported Releases
10.3.0E or later

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