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Interface parameters

Adjust two interface parameters to increase or decrease the likelihood that a port becomes a forwarding port.

Port cost
Value that is based on the interface type. The greater the port cost, the less likely the port is selected to be a forwarding port.
Port priority
Influences the likelihood that a port is selected to be a forwarding port if several ports have the same port cost.

Default values for port cost by interface:

  • 100-Mb/s Ethernet interfaces — 200000
  • 1-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces — 20000
  • 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces — 2000
  • Port-channel with 100 Mb/s Ethernet interfaces — 180000
  • Port-channel with 1-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces — 18000
  • Port-channel with 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces — 1800
  1. Change the port cost of an interface in INTERFACE mode (0 to 200000000).
    spanning-tree msti 
                                           number cost 
  2. Change the port priority of an interface in INTERFACE mode (0 to 240 in increments of 16, default 128).
    spanning-tree msti 
                                           number priority 

View MSTi interface configuration

OS10(conf-if-eth1/1/7)# do show spanning-tree msti 0 interface ethernet 1/1/7
                                 ethernet1/1/7 of MSTI 0 is Designated Forwarding
                                 Edge port: No (default)
                                 Link type: point-to-point (auto)
                                 Boundary: Yes, Bpdu-filter: Disable, Bpdu-Guard: Disable, Shutdown-on-Bpdu-Guard-violation: No
                                 Root-Guard: Disable, Loop-Guard: Disable
                                 Bpdus (MRecords) Sent: 69, Received: 0
                                 Interface                                    Designated
                                 Name           PortID  Prio  Cost  Sts  Cost Bridge ID         PortID
                                 ethernet1/1/7  0.284   0     1     FWD  0    32768  90b1.1cf4.9b8a 0.284

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