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management route

Configures an IPv4/IPv6 static route used by the Management port. Repeat the command to configure multiple management routes.

management route { ipv4-address/mask | ipv6-address/prefix-length} { forwarding-router-address | managementethernet}
  • ipv4-address/mask — Enter an IPv4 network address in dotted-decimal format (A.B.C.D), then a subnet mask in prefix-length format (/ xx).
  • ipv6-address/prefix-length — Enter an IPv6 address in x:x:x:x::x format with the prefix length in /xxx format (prefix range is /0 to /128).
  • forwarding-router-address — Enter the next-hop IPv4/IPv6 address of a forwarding router (gateway) for network traffic from the management port.
  • managementethernet — Configure the Management port as the interface for the route; forces the route to be associated with the management interface.
Not configured
Command Mode
Usage Information
Management routes are separate from IP routes and are only used to manage the system through the management port. To display the currently configured IPv4 and IPv6 management routes, enter the show ip management-route and show ipv6 management-route commands.
Example (IPv4)
OS10(config)# management route
                                       OS10(config)# management route managementethernet
Example (IPv6)
OS10(config)# management route 10::/64 10::1
Supported Releases
10.2.2E or later

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