OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


Media endpoint discovery

LLDP media endpoint discovery (LLDP-MED) provides additional organizationally-specific TLVs to allow endpoint devices and network connectivity devices to advertise their characteristics and configuration information.

LLDP-MED endpoint devices are located at the IEEE 802 LAN network edge and participate in IP communication service using the LLDP-MED framework, such as IP phones and conference bridges. LLDP-MED network connectivity devices provide access to the IEEE 802-based LAN infrastructure for LLDP-MED endpoint devices, such as IP phones. An OS10 device acts as an LLDP-MED network connectivity device.

LLDP-MED provides network connectivity devices to:
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage PoE
  • Identify physical location
  • Identify network policy
  • NOTE: Only the Rx function is supported for managing PoE and identifying the physical location. LLDP-MED is designed for but not limited to VoIP endpoints.

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