OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release


MOTD banner

Configure a message of the day banner that displays after you log in. Enter up to 4096 characters. To start and end the MOTD banner, enter a single delimiter character or the key combination ^C. You can enter any character as the delimiter.

To enter a MOTD banner text, use the interactive mode. Enter the command with the delimiter character and press Enter. Then enter each line and press Enter. Complete the banner configuration by entering a line that contains only the delimiter character. Starting and ending double-quotes are not necessary.

Configure MOTD banner

OS10(config)# banner motd %
                                 DellEMC S4148U-ON  
                                 Today's tip: Press tab or spacebar for command completion.
                                 Have a nice day!

To delete a MOTD banner and reset it to the Dell EMC default MOTD banner, enter the no banner motd command. To disable MOTD banner display after login, enter the banner motd disable command.

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